FAQ : Hay Day Hacking Tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

Full Instructions:
  • - Enter Valid Hay Day Username, otherwise this hack will not work!
  • - Choose the amount of Coins you want to generate.
  • - Choose the amount of Diamonds you want to generate.
  • - Use proxy "Recommended".
  • - Unlock all buildings is currently is development which is on Beta mode.
  • - Click "proceed" and verify your campaign.
  • - Share the love
What is Coins?

- Coins are the main currency in Hay Day. They are used to buy almost every item and are needed to progress in the game.
- Coins can be earned in various ways, though if players are completely stuck they can buy coins with diamonds for 10 coins per diamond or with real money.

What is Diamond?

- Diamonds are a type of currency in Hay Day used to speed up production times and buy needed materials, coins or certain decorations. Diamonds can be purchased with real currencies or won through various means. Purchasing diamonds in the game can be disabled by configuring "in-app purchases" in your device settings. Players can also enable double tap confirmation for diamond spending (although this will not apply to items bought in the game shop). This option is available in the game settings.

- Diamonds are also used in the production of two items: mystery nets and diamond rings.

Is Hay Day Hack Tool Working?

Try it for yourself and come back here and tell us your experience. We won't fail you!

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