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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at farming, Hay Day would be good for you! If so, then it sounds as if you’d be much better suited at virtual farming, in the form of a free to play farming experience played online instead.

Farming games online have been popular for close to a decade now, all thanks to Facebook it has to be said. The games proved that with a little patience, knowledge, and expertise, that you could create a farm that looks great, and works extremely efficiently as well. When it came to actually harvesting the fruits of your labour, you received a real sense of achievement and accomplishment that you don’t tend to find in most games these days. Well, the latest, and some would say the best to date, farming game to take the free to play market by storm, is hay day.

You can gain up to 50,000 coins and 50,000 diamonds by just using this tool, imagine buying that amount of resources using in-app purchases and you will end up spending hundreds of $$$ from your pocket which for sure will hurt!

Our tool uses the latest game hacking technology you could find online. Android and iOS platform are widely used among mobile users and due to it popularity games are commonly programmed using this operating systems and of course Hacking is always a part of the game.

But before using our Hay Day Hacking Tool first check out how amazing our tool is by reading the Features we provide below, If you want to know more you are welcome to read our How to use section and the Status of our Tool to check the current hacking status.

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Hayday has been around since 2012, and is quickly becoming one of the most downloaded and most played games in the free to play market ever, and when you look at some of the other titles in that list, it’s quite an achievement. The aim of the game is to create the best farm possible, but in order to do so, you need materials, animals, feeds etc, and to purchase them, you need virtual coins and diamonds. These coins and diamonds are essential resources, yet are pretty difficult to come by.

The diamonds can actually be purchased via app stores using real money, which some would see as quite a waste. Because of this, we created this Hayday hack online tool to help players generate as much gold and as many diamonds as they like, without paying a single penny, or without having to download and install any features or software on their devices. Here is a step by step walkthrough, demonstrating just how simple our hayday hack online tool actually is.

Update History:

Oct 17, 2014
Change Log : 554132
Hay Day Hack Update 1.21.47 (16 Oct 2014).
Bug fixed on connecting on Hay Day game resources server.
Remove GPL 554778 Hack SQLite from the system for more smooth browsing

Sept 17, 2014
Change Log : 65447
Hay Day Hack Update 1.20.120 (15 Sept 2014).
Error Fixed on gathering users data currect amount of resources database from Hay Day server

Jul 2, 2014
Change Log : 22142
Hay Day Hack Update 1.19.85 (1 Jul 2014)
Added extra protection to hide users origial IP Address from accessing Hay Day servers to prevent IP Ban.

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